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Did I hear my name?

Friday, November 17, 2006 at 1:30 am

It’s Dominic Arpin who spoke. He mentionned my blog in an article where he suggests my blog to his readership. He described my blog like I myself would have been unable to.
(translation) The indefatigable Martin Breton is one of the most prolific bloggers in Quebec. On top of writing his own blog (more on that later), he spreads his comments on those of others with an astonishing assiduity. His brief comments have the particularity to always be funny or relevant. Both at the same time sometimes! His blog is a happy chuck-it-all of weird stuff, movie excerpts, opinions on current events and politics. And - oh yes -, a little though for his rabbits Bowser and Marvin who recently passed away.
Thanks for the good words. Oh, and I didn’t expect to see my, well, dark picture with the article.

And it’s true, I’m a compulsive commentor (commentator?). I have an opinion on everything and I’m convinced people want to hear it. :)

To the visitors coming from the article, welcome, have a nice stay!

P.S.: Thanks for the thoughts for the bunny rabbits.


9 Responses for the article: “Did I hear my name?”

  1. Gog shares this opinion with us:

    Prolific? Relevant?

    Man, you must be proud! No one has ever used those 2 words to describe me. And in the same instance!!!!

  2. JMartyne shares this opinion with us:

    Tu comprendras peut-être mieux pourquoi je te traitais, hier, de «vedette», là !
    …et c’est tout mérité d’ailleurs. Vraiment.
    Bonne journée, Ô, toi, l’infatigable prolifique !

  3. Kim shares this opinion with us:

    Et oui moi je suis une nouvelle fan grâce à cette article:)

  4. brem shares this opinion with us:

    @J.-Martyne: Mérité? bah… je sais pas, mais c’est toujours plaisant d’avoir une certaine reconnaissance de ses pairs. Dis toi bien que je lis avec assiduité ton blogue, et que si je ne commente pas toujours, c’est qu’il n’y a souvent rien à ajouter. Tu as un esprit de synthèse très efficace.

    @Gog: Yeah. I’m rather proud! No one prior to today had described me like that either. There must be some kind of hidden irony.

    @Kim: Bienvenue sur mon blogue! Au plaisir de se reparler!


  5. Miss Patata shares this opinion with us:

    Hey Brem je pense souvent ces temps-ci! En fait chaque fois que je vois Happy Feet!

    C’est vrai que c’est mérité! Tu es le seul blogue que mon chum lit!!!

  6. brem shares this opinion with us:

    Miss Patata: J’ai hâte d’aller le voir moi aussi! Ça et plein d’autres films en retard!

    Ton chum est pas mal chanceux, parce que pas moi! :) J’en lis beaucoup trop!

  7. Ms C shares this opinion with us:

    Oh such nice recognition! Then I clicked the link and almost had a heart attack…

  8. brem shares this opinion with us:

    Ms C: I know! maybe I should put up a different picture on my “about” page, what do you think?

  9. Carrianne shares this opinion with us:

    All the comments are hard earned and well deserved. Congrats!

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