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Pee & Poo / Pipi & Caca

Thursday, November 17, 2005 at 12:00 pm

Source: Gizmodo

piss and poo
Pee & Poo
Pipi & Caca

The two best friends are united once more, but this time, not inside your ivory throne. They now appear together as plush buddies!

That’s right. The yellow drop shaped plush is pee, and the healthy smooth brown ice cream shaped plush is its sister poo. They come right out of the bowl, just for YOU!

These are new swedish designed toys by Emma Megitt. The first batch of Pee & Poo toys hit Sweden and were a huge hit. The nature of the body excreted icons spiked controversy and thus created great publicity for Megitt and has launched her name into the designer world. Originally sold separately Pee & Poo now come in a duo pack. So now, you get to choose between no.1, no.2 or both! They sell for 29 £.

On the website, the plush toys have a few foreign names. I don’t know all the languages, but how about we play: guess the language?

Poo & Pee = english
Pipi & Caca = french
Kiss & Bajs = swedish
Pipi & Kaka = german ?
Pipi & Popo = german ??
Tiss & Baesj = norwegian (thanks Anne)
Tis & Prut = LOL
Pissaa and Kakkaa = finnish (thanks Anne)

Submit me your guesses!


Les deux meilleurs amis sont réunis une fois de plus, mais cette fois, pas à l’intérieur de votre trône d’ivoire. Ils sont maintenant réunis sous forme de peluches!

Eh oui. La petite goutte jaune c’est Pipi, et la forme de cornet de crème glacée molle bien brune, c’est Caca. Ils sortent tout droit du bol, juste pour VOUS!

Ce sont des nouveaux jouets de Suède par Emma Megitt. La première série de Pipi et Caca en Suède a connu un grand succès. La nature même de ces icônes des excrétions du corps ont bien évidemment causé une controverse ainsi qu’une publicité appréciée pour Megitt et a lancé son nom dans la sphère des designers dans le monde. D’abord vendus séparéments, Pipi et Caca viennent maintenant en format duo. Donc maintenant, vous pouvez choisir si c’Est un no.1, no.2 ou les deux! Ils se vendent 29 £.

Sur leur site web, les jouets en peluche on des noms pour les marché étrangers. Je ne connais pas toutes les langues, mais que diriez-vous que l’on joue à deviner la provenance de ces mots?

Poo & Pee = anglais
Pipi & Caca = français
Kiss & Bajs = suédois
Pipi & Kaka = allemand ?
Pipi & Popo = allemand ??
Tiss & Baesj = norvégien (merci Anne)
Tis & Prut = MDR
Pissaa & Kakkaa = norwegian. (merci Anne)

Donnez moi votre suggestion!


4 Responses for the article: “Pee & Poo / Pipi & Caca”

  1. Anne shares this opinion with us:

    Please try to imagine a 4 1/2 year old girl standing out on a street alone on a quiet Sunday morning, very early. She is alone because her parents are still sleeping, her little brother, and all her playmates all sleeping: there is no one to call upon. She is awake and ready for fun. Maybe they were all at church. At sunday school. She knows it is not polite to knock on doors when the streets are still, when cars not moving, when shops not open, when there is no one about but her. She is very very upset that the world seems to be asleep. What is there to do? She is out in her neighbourhood street and decides to give out a scream! But what kind of scream? Her forehead crinkles, she paces and is finally decides to yell: “YOU ALL ARE KAKA POO-POO PEEPEES”. She marvels at the power of her voice. The echo down the street. She decides in delight that the world is shocked and imagines danger and runs to hide in the hedges. These were certainly the words that were sure to awaken the world. Doors would open. There would be the sound of voices, car engines, even babies crying. Fierce as her own words may seemed, they had absolutely no effect.


    By the way, please include the finnish Pissaa and Kakkaa in your listing.

  2. Anne shares this opinion with us:

    and tiss and baesj is norwegian

  3. brem shares this opinion with us:

    That’s hilarious :-)

    Will add the finnish entries, and thanks for the heads up on norwegian :)


  4. Richard S. Reynolds shares this opinion with us:

    Flashback to 1989. Sega has released the Mega Drive in Japan, and received somewhat dissapointing results. Fearing that the same would happen in the U.S., Sega hired a special team in 1990 to design a character that would carry the Genesis to the top of the gaming world. After 14 months, they reached a solution. Sonic the Hedgehog. A small, blue-spiked hedgehog with red sneakers that could run at the speed of sound. In the U.S., Sonic the Hedgehog was a runaway hit, and Sonic became a gaming icon overnight. A game that had this much success was obviously a great title, right? Exactly. This game (at the time) was everything a gamer could hope for. One with an undoubtedly cool character, awesome graphics, break-neck speed, and enough replay value that would still make you play it years down the road. This was no ordinary game. This was a revolution.
    The game itsself is compiled of 6 zones that contained 3 acts each. Each zone, obviously, incresing in difficulty as the game progressed. At the end of the third act in every zone, you must fight against the evil Dr. Robotnik. If you didn’t know, Dr. Robotnik is the one who captured all of Sonics’ friends and turned them into robots. After you defeat him, he flys off and you then destroy a capsule and save some of your friends from being roboticized.
    The real highlight of the game, though, is the special stage. Collect 50 or more rings in an act and jump through the giant gold ring at the end, and you were transported into a 360 degree rotating maze in search for one of the 6 chaos emeralds. The colors in this stage would make a hippie proud, and were unimgainable on the NES or Master system.
    Combine these features with an awesome soundtrack and great sound effects, and you’ve got a game that will turn even the most casual of gamers into a hardcore fanatic. This was an amazing game indeed.
    Flash forward to 2002. 11 years after Sonic the Hedgehog was released, the blue-blur is still kicking in his last game, Sonic Adventure 2. This game, however, would not be possible if Sega had not discovered the talents of Yuji Naka and the rest of the to-be Sonic Team back in 1990. Sonic the Hedgehog is still one of the best games in the series, and I’m sure it will stay that way for years to come.

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